Study Judaism at Your Level, Your Turf, Your Choice: A Guide to Studying the Religion

So the classes are all scheduled at inconvenient times. Or maybe you wish to study a specific topic. Alternatively, you might think that the classes are on a higher/lower level than you are. No worries!

Do you want to learn one-on-one with Rabbi Levi or Faigy? Let us know what you want to learn, when and where you want to learn it, and we'll make it happen!

Some ideas:

  • Chumash (Bible) studies - basic and in depth
  • Kabbalah
  • Prayer
  • Tanya
  • Basic Jewish Law
  • Code of Jewish Law in text
  • Maimonides' texts
  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Anything!

For further info, please call Rabbi Levi at 718 406-2732 or Faigy at 646 945-6741. You may also email us at [email protected]