Growing up, did your Mom ever tell you that life isn't fair?

Until today, we all know someone who has suffered or is suffering. Pain is something we are all too familiar with. 

But together with the pain, there comes a heavy feeling of injustice. Why? Why does G‑d do bad things? And why does He do them to good people?

Join us this Sunday (Apr. 30), at 11:30 a.m, as we begin our weekly B.L.T. (Bagels, Lox & Torah) where we will explore this sensitive but important question through the lens of the Torah.

This is just the first of an awesome five-part series. For more information on the classes coming up, see below (you can always sign up to them at a later time if preferable.) Each participant will received their own personal handbook for each individual class to bring home.



Join us, over a steaming cup of coffee (and of course, some delicious cake ;) as we shmooze and go through this wonderful book together and discuss our own takes on it both individually, and collectively as a group. 



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